Getting the Word Out in Oregon


[rockyou id=61400221&w=500&h=376]

The slideshow above shows Shirley and Barb walking around downtown Portland, Oregon, handing out OUR MONEY TOO flyers to passersby. As they rode the Max train downtown, Shirley handed out a flyer to an older gentleman who said that blind people should just use debit cards instead of cash. Shirley didn’t have a chance to say a word before a young man sitting a few seats away started telling the older gentlemen that this idea is wrong because everyone should be treated equally! The young man’s name is Jeff, and we hope there are more people like him–there is always hope in this world when people care about others the way he does. Thank you, Jeff!


One Response to “Getting the Word Out in Oregon”

  1. David Spector Says:

    Sighted people take our eyes for granted. We never think of how it would be without our sight. This is a very good article and it really makes us sighted people stop and think. I just hope more of us will read this and learn from it.

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