USA Today Supports Accessible Paper Currency


This USA Today editorial in favor of accessible paper currency was published on December 14, 2006:

“Compared with the $420 million the Bureau of Engraving and Printing spends each year, changing the currency amounts to small change, and the cost isn’t a good enough reason to thwart action that could assist 1.3 million blind Americans.

“Similar cost objections were once raised to other accommodations to assist the disabled, such as handicapped parking spots and bathrooms, curb cuts and ramps. Those are now required by law in public places, widely accepted, and beneficial to those in wheelchairs and people with baby strollers alike.”

…and let’s not forget about Closed Captioning of TV programs, which was originally considered an expensive “burden” placed on the hearing community solely for the benefit of Deaf and hearing-impaired people: now hearing people are using Closed Captioning everywhere, from health clubs to airports to sports bars! “Disability” accommodations have a funny way of benefiting non-disabled people more than they ever anticipate…


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