President of Lighthouse International Supports Tactile Currency


From a CBS News article dated December 12, 2006:

“Tara Cortes, president of Lighthouse International, an advocacy group for the blind, said the government’s decision to fight making changes in the currency was ‘misguided and harmful to millions.’  

“She said there are 1.3 million people in the United States who are legally blind and there will be millions more in coming years as the baby boom generation ages and more people fall victim to macular degeneration and other diseases that can affect vision such as diabetes.”  


One Response to “President of Lighthouse International Supports Tactile Currency”

  1. David Spector Says:

    The CBS News article overstates the cost of changing U.S. paper currency as being billions of dollars. Actually, adding epoxy bumps (which would be very difficult to counterfeit and would make paper currency easier to use for all of us, whether blind or not) would cost only tens of millions of dollars. See for details.

    David Spector

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