A Message from Carl Jarvis


OurMoneyToo.org recently received this stirring e-mail from longtime blind civil-rights activist Carl Jarvis:

A salute to Cyrus Habib.
It’s good to know that there are fearless blind men and women openly demanding to be given First class privileges.
Equality is not something that is bestowed upon the meek.
Equal rights must be claimed. And once secured they must be defended until the end of time.
Failure to demand that we have accessible currency is a statement that we willingly accept second class status.
Failure to demand accessible currency because we are fearful of losing other hard fought privilages will actually bring that fear to pass.
Failure to vigorously oppose the Bush administration’s efforts to overturn the judge’s ruling, will send a message to our government that we lack the resolve to take our place as equal partners in America.
This is not a question of, what is the safe thing to do.
Nor is it a question of whether we will win, this time around.
This is a question of what is right.
We have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
We know, up close and personal, the taste of second class status. It comes to us in so many little ways. Small reminders that we must be grateful for the crumbs brushed from the Master’s table. We know how it is to feel frightened, that if we resist or dare raise a whimper, we could be put out in the cold with no place to turn.
But brave men and women dare to stand up and declare their right to dignity.
Corageous people dare to say, “give us liberty or give us death!”
But of course, we’re only asking that our money be accessible to those of us who are blind.

Carl Jarvis


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