OurMoneyToo is an independent group of citizens committed to making United States paper currency as user-friendly and secure as possible. For nearly three years we have been educating people—including ourselves—about how blind AND sighted people would benefit from paper money that can be distinguished by touch. There is no good reason for United States paper currency to remain less user-friendly and less secure than the currencies of more than 100 other nations, from Canada to Australia.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is continually redesigning our paper currency anyway, so the time for action is now! We have launched this blog to help you get involved: you can share your experiences with inaccessible U.S. paper currency or accessible foreign currency, or comment on how accessible paper currency would benefit you or a family member or friend, or you can describe what you are doing to raise awareness about this issue in your community. If you are interested in organizing an educational event, or if you have suggestions for other projects, please contact us; we truly welcome your creative input. Together we can make U.S. paper money as user-friendly and secure as the currencies of our neighbors around the world!


One Response to “About”

  1. gloria v korecki Says:

    As of this date what progress?
    Next challenge,voice mails that ask for often lengthy credit card, account numbers. what can a no or low vision person do?

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