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Boston Globe: Perkins School Supports Accessible Currency

MaypmWed, 02 May 2007 22:36:04 +00002007-05-02T22:36:04+00:0010 11, 2007

The Boston Globe printed a great accessible currency article on April 19, focusing on the Perkins School’s official support of the friend-of-the-court brief being written by Yale Law students Cyrus Habib and Jon Finer with Professor Harold Hongju Koh.

I think this quote at the end of the Globe article says it all:

Jason Campbell, a 21-year-old Perkins student, said not being able to handle money reinforces stereotypes about blind people.

“They think blind people can’t do much,” he said. “If they don’t give you a chance, you can’t prove them wrong. And maybe they don’t want to be proven wrong.”